Nkor Council Adopts FCFA 412.7 Million For 2015
Friday, December 05, 2014

By Peter Adi Fonte

Councillors of Nkor Council in Bui Division of the Northwest Region have adopted CFA 412,755,000 as draft budget for the 2015 fiscal year.
The budget was adopted during a Council session chaired by the Mayor of Nkor, Francis Wache, and was supervised by the First Assistant Prefect for Bui, Dr. Mohamadou. 
In his opening address, Mayor Wache lamented that the budget for 2015 has slumped by FCFA 102,016,448. The drop, Mayor Wache, remarked, is due to limited sources of revenue collection.
According to him, of the FCFA 412,755,000 budgeted  for 2015, FCFA 230.7 million will be used for investment projects, which he said include; the Construction of Nkor Community Radio with assistance from PNDP, the Construction of markets in Djottin, Ngeptang, Bamti and Lassin; still in partnership with PNDP, amongst others. 
He added that FCFA 182,055,000 of the total budget will be devoted for operating costs. 
The elated Mayor cited some of the development projects realised during the 2014 fiscal year to include; the extension of the present Council building to host the municipal treasury, construction of temporary bridges in Nchini and Djottin, creation of Noni Valley Athletics Club and maintenance of Lassin–Mbinon Road, amongst others.
The Mayor called on the Councilors to diligently and objectively scrutinise the budget to ensure that the money would be used to provide basic social amenities, alleviate poverty and champion development in Noni Subdivision.
The First Assistant Prefect for Bui, Dr. Mohadadou in his speech, instructed the Mayor to hand over the Council’s TOYOTA vehicle to the former Mayor, Michael Shey Nkume.
According to Dr. Mohadadou, the former Mayor of Nkor had paid FCFA 9,000,000 for the vehicle, whose ownership, he said, was transferred to Mayor Wache without any consultation. 
The Assistant Prefect described the administrative and management account of the Council as satisfactory, but called on the Councillors to explore other revenue-generating avenues to improve on Government revenue collection in the area. 
On the sidelines of the Council session, a workshop was equally organised for Councillors and other staff of the Nkor Council. During the workshop, Councillors were schooled on the organisation and functioning of Councils, the role and duties of Municipal Councillors in fostering development. 


Why would the council vehicle be handed to the outgone mayor? Did he pay 9.000.000 CFA Francs from his pocket for the vehicle? If so, why was he performing council duties in his private car? Where did the sums for fuelling the car come from? Or, did he buy the car after he was ousted from the council? If in fact he did, with whom did he negotiate the price for the vehicle? If he did, why will he be buying the vehicle when the council needs it for the current mayor's use? A lot of questions need answers with regards to this issue. The Lord Mayor of Nkor council will definitely let us know if he received money for the said vehicle on hand-over day. If he didn't, then Mendo Ze and Inoni should be ready to receive a room mate.

Posted By : GREGORY NDIKAKA | Dec 6 2014

There is something about the Toyota vehicle that is yet to be known. A council vehicle handed over to the outgoing mayor and this is coming from a DO??? So CPDM Mayors(I am assuming so because I don't see why the Prefect would support him) are allowed to take vehicles with them when they leave office? I can't even leave an old job with an assigned work laptop and in Cameroon, you are allowed to go with the service vehicle??

Posted By : Don Forbe | Dec 7 2014

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