“Big Mop Market” Houses To Be Demolished
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The SDO has ordered the demolition of all “illegally” built houses on a 1.5 hectare parcel of land allocated for the construction of the Mutengene “big mop” market, located at the entrance to the Mutengene town from Ombe. 

The SDO, who visited the site on the same day, found that some people had encroached on the site, building permanent structures, which he ordered that they be demolished within one month.

From the SDO’s response to the press, it appears that one of the former Mayors of the Tiko Municipality sold off parcels of the said makeshift or roadside market land. It is worth noting that the SDO, in December, during the budgetary session of this same Council had, implicitly, indicted the former Mayor for having sold off portions of land at the Tiko Motor park site as well. “The problem here is that somebody illegally sold land belonging to the State,” the SDO stated.

Mayor Mokoundo said funding for the construction of the market worth FCFA 100 million has already been secured from FEICOM. “We shall have the first quota of FCFA 60 million this year and FCFA 40 million, next year,” Mokoundo said.

The SDO also gave a three-month deadline for the Tiko Motor Park to go operational.

Meantime, the Mayor disclosed that from the 2013 fiscal records, the Council raised the sum of FCFA 749 million out of FCFA 769 million that was budgeted. Of the above sum, FCFA 707 million was used for recurrent and investment expenditures. The records indicated an increased revenue generation of 15.12 percent.

But the SDO noted that much of the money came from recurrent sources such as additional Council taxes, subventions and so on. He advised the Mayor, just as he has done in other Councils, to strive towards exploiting more local income raising sources. He noted that Tiko Municipality is host to the Mungo River adding that “the Tiko Council stands to make a lot of revenue from the excavation of sand at the Mungo to the Tiko wharf where it is exported to Equatorial Guinea.”

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