RE-US Slams Cameroon’s Anti-Gay Laws
Monday, July 28, 2014

By Abraham Tangwa, Bamenda

The Post No. 01548 of Monday, July 21, 2014 carried a story with the above caption claiming that the US was still involved in chastising Cameroon for its tough anti-gay laws. Worthy of note was the fact that Cameroon was singled out with Uganda as being amongst the countries with the toughest gay laws in Africa. I must begin by thanking God that despite the many gaffs of the New Deal regime of President Biya, he has steadfastly refused to budge on the issue of recognizing gay rights, which in our context must, forever, remain anathema!

The ranting of the American Assistant Secretary of State simply denotes the fact that she is not aware of the peculiarities of Cameroon when it comes to gay rights. The Cameroon of today long crossed the rubicon of colonialism and refused to be pulled willy-nilly, to the slaughterhouse of immorality. 

Being gay in the West is taboo to us and our culture, detested and abhorred by all meaningful and well thinking Cameroonians. Which is more a human rights issue; the recognition of gay rights or allowing some of our leaders to pilfer what is meant for the common man and starched in European banks while the common man is left to wallow in abject poverty and misery? Is it the interest of the downtrodden that is important or the interest of some misguided and morally bankrupt individuals in the name of gay rights?

It is just that we cannot take justice in our hands; else, I would be advocating that when once they are arraigned, they should be locked away for life, for they are worse off than terrorists. They are a scar on God’s creation and deserve to be discarded and abandoned, using all necessary means. Granted that we should recognize gay rights, is the same America going to respect us and legalise polygamy in their context or forever refer to it as bigamy?

Which of the two is better; legally getting married to two wives or indulging in same sex marriage? In fact, we have been deprived of everything politically and economically by the West in complicity with our beggarly and gullible leaders, but we refuse as a people to mortgage our cherished moral values to cheap blackmail in the name of human rights.

How can a sane person negate the warm thighs of a woman or the gentle caresses of a man and go hitting iron on iron? The supreme dictates condemns in very unequivocal terms any such relations and the same Western nations, including the US that pride themselves in being the originators of Christianity to the blacks are here advocating its annihilation by trying to promote its defiance.

Cameroon and Uganda are not alone in this struggle. Nigeria recently took the same route like Zimbabwe some years back. For once, I salute and applaud the regime of Mr. Biya for this and by the same token call and appeal to some of our compatriots involved in this mumbo-jumbo of the US and her allies to retrace their steps and stop deceiving and collecting their money in the name of gay rights.

The most plausible and palpable action would have been to campaign for the US to allow a free entry of gays in the US, the so called land of opportunities or better still, use the millions or billions of dollars they are ready to throw around in the name of fighting for gay rights and acquire a piece of land in an evil forest anywhere in the world and use it to settle gays from Africa.

Is that not a better option instead of breathing down the necks of people who, by no stretch of the imagination can ever change their positions on this matter? Thank God and the Heavens that where there is a will, there is a way. They have taken all from us, but they will never take away our cultures, dignity and moral values that make us proud as a people.


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