Cup Of Cameroon:NQSA, Kumbo Strikers Draw Tough Opponents In Quarter Finals
Monday, October 27, 2014

 By Basil K. Mbuye

The draws for the Cup of Cameroon quarterfinal saw the remaining two teams west of the Mungo, Njalla Quan Sport Academy, NQSA, and Kumbo Strikers, drawing tough opponents, Coton Sport of Garoua and Panthere FC of Bagante, respectively.
NQSA will have a hard nut to crack as they need to beat five times winners of Cup of Cameroon and also current League 1 leaders, Coton Sport of Garoua, to make it to the semi finals.
The Limbe side, who are currently fighting for survival in League 1, might end up witnessing their worst season in the club history if they fail in both the League and the Challenge Cup of Cameroon. NQSA will host the boys from Garoua in the first leg of the tie.
On their part, the 2000 Cup of Cameroon winners, Kumbo Strikers, will have an uphill task when they take on League 1 side and two times Cup of Cameroon champs, Panthère of Nde. Kumbo Strikers will be looking forward to drawing inspiration from the 2000 squad that won the Cup of Cameroon.
It should be noted that Kumbo Strikers failed to qualify for the National Interpools, have been able to down League 2 clubs to make it to this level. On the other hand, Panthere have played only regional league clubs throughout the campaign.
Meanwhile, another great battle of the day will pit Apejes against UMS of Loum.
The away leg matches will take place on October 29, while the return legs will be played on November 2, 2014.
Complete Quarter Finals Fixtures
 Ouragan FC vs Canon ofYaoundé (Yaounde)
APEJES vs UMS of Loum (Yaounde)
 Njalla Quan vs Coton Sport (Limbe)
Kumbo Strikers vs Panthère of Ndé (Kumbo-Tobin)

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