Teachers, Students Pick Cricket Skills
Monday, April 21, 2014

 By Isidore Abah

 With the dwindling fortunes of football in Cameroon, the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education has begun encouraging Cameroonians to develop interest in other sporting disciplines like cricket.
For two weeks, the Cameroon Cricket Federation, FECACRCKET, in partnership with the UK Charity Cricket Without Boundaries, CWB, was on a nationwide tour to educate and encourage teachers and students of secondary schools to develop interest in the game.
It was this nationwide tour that brought the delegation to the Southwest Region, headed by FECACRCKET President, Victor Agbor-Nsoh. 
For close to five days, the delegation reached out to over 600 students drawn from four public schools in Buea and some 40 teachers who were trained as coaches.
After their training, a cricket festival was organised for both the trainees to mark the end of the cricket campaign in the Southwest Region.
During the festival, the four public schools that were selected in Buea were paired to play against each order in a cricket encounter.
At the end of the festival, the FECACRCKET President said some of the students who took part in the cricket campaign are really talented, which if properly harnessed, many of them will represent the country in international competitions.
According to him, though FECACRCKET is still a new federation, the cricket national team is already making its mark in Africa and on the international scene.
Agbor-Nsoh urged young Cameroonians to develop interest in the game because it is not only a game, but an occupation. “Look at countries like Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, South Africa among other countries in Africa, cricket players in these countries are making a living out of this sport and Cameroonians can do same,” Agbor-Nsoh stated.
Cricket equipment was handed to the students to continue playing the game.

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