Cup of Cameroon: Clubs Reverse Decision After Meeting With FECAFOOT
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Basil K. Mbuye

The decision by Clubs in the Cameroon Professional League (1&2) recently not to take part in the 32 finals of the Cup of Cameroon has been overturned after a tripartite meeting held on July 15, at the FECAFOOT headquarters in Tsinga-Yaounde.

The tripartite meeting was made up of Association of Elites of Cameroon Clubs, ACEC, represented by its President, Emile Onambele Zibi; Bombok Célestin, President of Cosmos Mbam; the Professional Football League of Cameroon, LFPC, represented by its Vice-President, Franck Happi and the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) represented by Prof. Joseph Owona, the Chairman of the Normalisation Committee and Tombi a Roko Sidiki, Secretary General. 

During the meeting, it was agreed that FECAFOOT will chip in FCFA 100 million for the next four years. This was in order to assure the clubs that they were not playing on “credit” which was one of the points raised by the clubs to boycott the round of 32. It was also agreed that the round of 32 of the Cup of Cameroon Finals will be played from July 26 to 27.  

Meanwhile, it is believed that from the round of 32, clubs will each be given FCFA 400,000 which will gradually increase as the clubs progress. While for the finals, a total of FCFA 25 million will be spend.

Yong Sport, Canon Still Waiting For Cup of Cameroon Cash Prize

It should be recalled that both Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda, the most recent cup winner, and Canon Yaounde, the loser, are still to receive the cash prize, that was to follow the trophy. The two teams were to receive FCFA 10 million for the winner and five million for the loser.

Since the withdrawal of sponsors for 12 years, MTN Cameroon, the league has not been able to get a new sponsor for the Professional League. 

It was as a result of this that the clubs asked for clarifications and also the 2013 Cup of Cameroon cash prize owed Yong Sport and Canon of Yaounde.

Biya Gives FCFA 350 Million To Professional League Clubs

President Paul Biya has made a special allocation of FCFA 350 million to Professional Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs of the Cameroon Championship.

This was revealed recently in a meeting held by members of the Association of Elite Clubs of Cameroon, ACEC, in Yaounde.

According to Faustin Domkeu, President of New Stars FC of Douala, the money is reserved for the Professional Football League, LFPC, and half of it, FCFA 175 million, has already been wired to the League’s account.


"We are very pleased to hear that in a few days, clubs will receive a special grant from the first Cameroonian sportsman, it is something very good. We must congratulate the office of the Provisional Management Committee, CPG, of the League who worked hard for us to receive this money," said Faustin Domkeu.

Meanwhile, the Clubs are still waiting for the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education to make a payment of the second and final allowance, FCFA 260 million of the grant given by the State. The Ministry has initially dished out FCFA 300 million as part of the FCFA 560 million as subsidy to the League.

As to the remaining FCFA 260 million, General Pierre Semengue, the President of the LFPC said the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sports will soon release the remaining amount.

The 32 finals of the Cup of Cameroon will now take place on July 26 to 27, while the Professional League will resume on August 9 and 10 for League 1 and 2 respectively.


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