Ebola May Compromise Morocco’s AFCON 2015 Hosting
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

 The rapid spread of the Ebola Virus in West Africa has forced Morocco to back-pedal from her initial decision to host the 2015 African Cup of Nations.

The country fears that hosting the African soccer jamboree will slam open the country’s doors to the ravaging Ebola Virus.
For fear of contamination, the Moroccan Football Federation, in a formal letter addressed to the Confederation of African Football, CAF, expressed her disinterest in hosting the tournament.
However, CAF has issued a statement reassuring the country that everything will continue as scheduled and that all necessary measures will be taken to contain the importation of the Virus.
With the current action by Morocco, CAF is considering South Africa and Ghana as possible hosts of the tournament, if Morocco should disappoints.  
Although the duo is favourites to take over the bid, CAF has not issued any categorical statement approving that Morocco would not host the competition. Morocco on her part is considering hosting the 2017 AFCON, but it is unclear whether CAF will dance to her tune.
Still with the Ebola Virus and football, the players of Sierra Leone feel that they have become victims of prejudice in football due to the outbreak of the Virus in their country. This came up after their 2-0 defeat to Cameroon on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. The players complained that they were treated unfairly. It was in this line that George Davies took a step ahead of his colleagues to post a picture in his face book page with the message, “I am Sierra Leonean, not a Virus”.
By Andrew Nsoseka (UB Journalism Student On Internship)

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