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Angry Mob Clobbers 29-Year-Old Thief To Death 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Bertrand Tafou, 29 was in the wee hours of Monday, May 18, clobbered to death by an angry mob at Half Mile, Limbe.
According to reports, Tafou is suspected to be a member of a motor bike stealing gang that has pitched their camp around the BIR military training camp at Man O’ War Bay.

The BIR training facility is separated from the rest of the town of Limbe by a long stretch of road, bordered on both sides by an inhabited area of CDC oil palm trees and plantain farms.

Tafou and his gang of motor bike thieves are said to have been using this long stretch of road as their nocturnal trap, where they get to town, hire any unsuspecting bike rider and lure him to ride them down to Man O War Bay for a fee.

When they get between this deserted area, the other gang members simply jump out of bush and get hold of the bike, dislodge the rider and take the bike away at gun point.
Thus on Monday morning, it is alleged that after several successful incidents, Tafou and his gang of three had their misfortune. They are said to have got hold of one bike rider, incapacitated him with stabs of their knives, mounted on his bike and were making their way out of town.

Other bike riders were alerted by the stabbed rider who had managed to communicate his colleagues. Tafou and his gang were then trailed to some point around the Mile Two neighbourhood. In a bid to escape from the trailing mob, Tafou and his gang members abandoned the stolen bike and jumped into the bushes.

After three hours of hiding, Tafou is said to have resurfaced again, believing that he was now safe. He boarded another bike from the Mile Two area and asked that he be taken down to their base at Man O War Bay. Unfortunately, the bike that Tafou had hired to help him return to Man O war Bay ran shot of fuel and stopped at a refilling station at Half Mile.

It is at this point that one of the stolen bike victims identified Tafou from his conspicuous Rastafarian hair style.
The victim alerted his colleagues and within two minutes, a mob fell on Tafou and battered him till he gave up his last breath.

The security only came to the scene after he was already lifeless.
His remains were scooped up and taken to the Limbe Hospital Mortuary awaiting burial arrangement.
Some people who knew him said they have never known him to be a thief.

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