Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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Association Notre Famille Relaunches Activities 

By Orock Eta

An NGO, Association Notre Famille, ANF, (Our Family Association), which seeks to cultivate inter-religious, political, cultural and social cohesion among people of all origins, by encouraging peace and harmony among them, has re-launched its activities.

The president and founder of the NGO, Mohamadou Wadjiri Sani Ousman, has intimated that the organisation advocates for equality among communities, tribes and races as well as fights against all forms of discrimination and segregation.

Created in 2000, the NGO seeks to, among other objectives: give more value to Cameroon’s various cultures and traditions; develop respect for others despite their differences; ensure solidarity among communities through the promotion of talents and ethical values, in order to eradicate prejudice among communities and societies.

In July, the NGO installed an exco in Bamuso in the Bakassi area led by Joseph Ngale Epete, after implanting fishermen from the Far North Region to create an indigenous fishing population (which was lacking in the area), within the predominantly migrant inhabitants, to carry on fishing.

The Basmuso Bakassi expedition comes after the NGO has been established in the Northwest, North, Litoral and South Regions of the country and, of course, the Southwest. The organisation also undertakes humanitarian, agricultural /and fisheries activities.

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