Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Mila Assouté Defeats Fear To Challenge Biya

Chief Mila Assouté seems to have defeated fear and is now ready to take on Mr. Paul Biya, the sitting Cameroon Head of State in the 2018 Presidential election. Once seemingly paralysed by the fear of challenging the President who has held a strangle hold on the nation for over three decades, the former CPDM Central Committee member is ...Full Article

President Biya Has No Right To Shorten, Prolong His Mandate – Mbah Ndam

The 3rd Vice President of the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam Njang, says the Constitution does not give power to an incumbent President to either abridge or prolong ...Full Article

Curiosity Has Often Gotten The Best Out Of Me – Cameroonian Scientist

A young Cameroonian scientist, Emmanuel Nekongo, says curiosity remains the driving force in his success story. A post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute ...Full Article

CDC Is Undergoing Restructuring – GM

Following the signing of two decrees by the President of the Republic on the transformation and statutes of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, the General Manager, Franklin Ngoni Njie, ...Full Article

Corruption Is Like War Crimes –Chungong

The first-ever African Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, Martin Chungong, has said corruption is synonymous to war crimes. Chungong headsthe IPU created more than 125 years ago. ...Full Article

Esu Does Not Want To Evict Danpullo – Barrister Robert Fon

The Counsel for the Fon of Esu, HRH Albert Chi Kawzoh Kum Achuo II, has refuted allegations that Esu people want to evict business magnate Baba Danpullo. According to ...Full Article

15,000 Cameroonians In US On DV Lottery Tickets- Consul

The Vice Consul of the United States Embassy in Cameroon, Connor O’Steen has revealed that approximately 15,000 Cameroonians are residing in the US on the ticket of the American ...Full Article

Who Gives The Orders, ‘Leaks’ Exams The Board?

His may not be a familiar name like Humphrey Ekema Monono, current Registrar of the GCE Board. Yet, Valentine Tameh, arguably, makes bigger news, relatively speaking, than most of ...Full Article

29-Years old And Fighting Corrupt Forest Exploitation

His tender age belies his ability and capability to manage a sensitive Transparency-International anti-corruption project. His charge is to manage a European funded project that aims at reducing emissions ...Full Article

‘How Not To Be Governed By Illiterate, Corpse Carrying Mayors’

“…When you say “present”, what have they benefited from Lazare, other than going to carry corpses in the mortuary and escorting bereaved families? Is that the benefit the Muyuka ...Full Article
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