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CATTU Claims Strike Paralysed 90 Percent Of Schools 

By Chris Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — The Executive Secretary General of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union CATTU, Wilfred Tassang, has said the current teachers’ strike grounded 90 percent of primary and secondary schools nationwide.

Speaking to the press in Bamenda, the CATTU scribe said the first phase of the strike action has been quite successful in most parts of the country without intimidation from Government officials. He said the first stage of the strike called by nine teachers’ trade unions will end on Friday, February 21. On the second day of the strike, The Post visited some schools in Bamenda and information from the Divisions confirmed that most teachers in public schools go to schools but would not teach.

The pupils and students are let loose as most of them idle their way home or get involved in games of chance. Worried about this state of affairs, Northwest Governor, Adolph Lele Afrique, summoned officials of CATTU and Teachers’ Association of Cameroon, TAC, to his office, February 18, and pleaded with them to call off the strike.

Officials of the trade unions, however, told the Governor that the issue is for the Head of State to raise the index bar for the teaching corps, integrate Sports and Physical Education teachers and all contract teachers as well as raise the research documentation allowances in the teaching corps. The teachers have decided to withhold marks for the fourth, fifth and sixth sequential tests as well as other administrative documents. According to the trade unions, traitors have been warned that they risk being lynched.

First published in The Post print edition no 01506

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