Thursday, April 19, 2018
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DO Suspends Tribes People For Fighting CPDM Section President 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The Divisional Officer, DO, for Kumba II, Pierre Sedzode, has reportedly suspended four members of the Bangante Family Meeting for fighting the CPDM Section President of Meme I B, Jacob Mbatchou Kay, over the management of the association.

KUMBA II D OIt is reported that, the D O surfaced at the meeting venue on a Sunday, a fortnight ago and announced the measures.

Sedzode is said to be acting on the strength of a sealed letter from the Chief of Bangante. The king is said to have ordered sanctions on meeting members who leaked information about the crisis to the press.

Among those suspended, The Post learnt is the incumbent president of the Bangante family meeting. They have reportedly been sanctioned on claims that, they granted interviews to the press over the crisis plaguing the meeting when issues were already being handled in doors.

Some of those who have been dismembered are said to be grumbling in anger. They are said to be alluding that, the actions against them are politically motivated. Elections for the putting in place of a new bureau to head the Bangante Family meeting are around the corner.

Other reports have emerged stating that, some members of the family meeting paid a secret visit to the village and briefed the traditional authority on the issue. During the secret visit, the members are said to have informed the chief that, some people within the meeting took to the press and tarnished the image of Bangante Family meeting.

Those suspended are said to be currently searching for radio recordings or any newspaper cutting to justify the persons who granted interviews to journalists.

Flash Back

The squabble within the Bagangte family meeting came to public knowledge last June 21. Back then, a group of the meeting members stormed the D O‘s office seeking administrative intervention into their problem.

Talking to reporters at his Kumba residence same June 21, Jacob Mbatchou Kay said the mandate of the current president had expired. He faulted the current leadership of being hesitant to organise fresh elections.

He inferred that, the constitution of the Family Meeting puts the mandate of leadership at two years renewable once. He said there was need to audit the meeting and clarify functions.

Mbatcou told reporters that, it is his duty to step in as former president and ensure peace reigns in case of any problem.

He showed reporters bank documents claiming that FCFA 4million was withdrawn from the accounts of the association without his knowledge. Mbatchou claims he is a signatory to the account.

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