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Handicraft Exhibition Runs Into Trouble 

By Francis Tim Mbom

Preparations towards the annual handicraft exhibition to begin on August 1 in Limbe are said to run into some trouble as prospective participants have been finding it difficult to register at some of the councils.

The Divisional Delegate for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Martina Eyong Agbor-Tambe, told The Post that her office has been registering some artists who have been coming to her office with complaints of not being able to register at the councils. The Delegate said the mayors had been given forms and other materials to help facilitate the registration process.

But Limbe I Mayor, Dr. Daniel Matute, where the exhibition contest shall take place in Fako Division, said it was only on July 21 that the Delegate dispatched an emissary to his office to brief him about the modalities and what role the councils have to play. He said the list of participants would be ready by July 27. Meanwhile, the Divisional Delegate said registration was free for all those who have paintings, sculptured works, carvings, textile designs, drawings and other works of arts.

"The exhibition shall be held in each of the seven subdivisions in Fako and from each, a jury shall select ten winners for an inter-sub divisional final on September 1," she said, and culminate in Yaounde. Mrs. Agbor-Tambe said the aim of the Ministry was to encourage arts works and to ensure that artists make some money from their works.

As to the involvement of the Councils, she said this will be "the last time the Ministry is organising the exercise." From 2012, the councils, under the decentralization drive, will have to shoulder the organisation of the exhibition from the financial side to the last bit.

According to the calendar of exhibitions, Limbe I shall come on August 1; Limbe II on August 8, Idenau on August 11; Muyuka on August 16; Tiko on Aug 18; Limbe III on August 22 and Buea, 24.

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