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Minister Exhorts Rector To Maintain Culture Of Peace 

By Solange Tegwi & Yvette Nkemji*
— The newly installed Rector of the University of Yaound I, Prof. Maurice Aurelien Sosso, has been told to maintain the culture of peace observed under his predecessor. Higher Education Minister, Jacques Fame Ndongo made the call, during the installation ceremony that took place at Amphi 700 of the University of Yaounde I on June 3.

The Minister instructed the newly installed 57-year old Prof. Sosso to reinforce the educational system and to continue with ongoing construction projects in the university, which will go a long way, not only to beautify the campus, but to make it a conducive place for studies.

Fame Ndongo decorated the in-coming rector as he read out his rich academic portfolio. Sosso, prior to his appointment, was Vice Rector of Ngaoundere University, Inspector General of Academic services at the Ministry of Higher Education for seven years.

He won the Best Cameroon Medical Doctor Prize of Excellence in the Central African sub-region in 1987. Sosso headed the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Yaounde University Teaching Hospital (CUSS). He is the author of 142 scientific articles, 100 articles on communication and 80 theses.

*(Siantou University Complex Journalism Students On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no. 01356

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