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New Gov’t Leaves Me Unsatisfied 

By Muto Mulema

President Paul Biya has woefully failed to keep to his campaign promise to re-dynamise government by getting youths involved, Charles Ateba Eyene, social critic and alternate member of the CPDM Central Committee has complained.

Ateba Eyene chose to express his disappointment about the new government during a widely followed debate show on national television at the weekend. “This government leaves many people thirsty,” Ateba fired. “As a Cameroonian youth I am not satisfied; as a central committee member I am not satisfied.”

Throughout his campaign tour that took him to three regions of the country, President Paul Biya raised the hopes of many by emphasising a resolve to get youths more actively involved in politics. The same promise was made in the President’s general policy speech at the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the CPDM in September. In the political discourse President Biya drew accolades from his acolytes challenging youths to “dare, create and innovate”, promising the full support of his administration.

But in Friday’s appointments the president did not offer sufficient opportunity for young people to get involved in his government to show their creativity, innovative genius and how daring they could be.

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, 50, new secretary general at the Presidency of the Republic, Alamine Ousmane Mey, 45, new Finance minister and Patrice Amba Salla, 51, new public works minister; are the three youngest persons appointed during President Biya’s cabinet re-shuffle last Friday. “Three out of 66 is nothing,” Ateba Eyene condemned.

Known to be usually forthright in his analysis of political events in Cameroon, Charles Ateba Eyene is often perceived as the ugly duckling in the CPDM stead. It took many by surprise that despite similar biting criticisms issued in the past against the CPDM party-State, Ateba Eyene survived the party’s 3rd Ordinary Congress last September emerging as new central committee member. That offered one of the rare occasions for Ateba Eyene to speak of the CPDM in a solely positive light.

In his early forties, Ateba Eyene is arguably the most published critic of the Yaounde regime. One of his books “The tragedy of the Power-brokers”, published in 2007, fascinatingly illustrates how the Beti cabal has confiscated power and sucked the system dry without as much as bring development even to their native homelands. Though stoutly rejected by regime insiders, the book was a local bestseller. Mr. Eyebe is equally from the Beti clan.

Prior to the belated holding of the 3rd Ordinary Congress of the ruling CPDM, Ateba Eyene fired an open memorandum accusing ‘enemies of progress’ within the CPDM house who were stoking the delay in the organisation of the party conference for selfish reasons. Ateba Eyene also unearthed and dealt blows on those using unorthodox means in a power-positioning game.

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