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Senator On Bended Knees, Exorcises Homosexuality 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Former Mayor of Buea, now Senator, Charles Mbella Moki, joined Christians of the Full Gospel Mission, FGM, Akale Street, Fiango, Kumba on Saturday, May 30, on his knees in the concluding phase of a week of prayers against homosexuality and insecurity in Cameroon.

The Senator was the high profile guest at this year’s edition of Greater Cameroon for Christ Conference, organised by the FGM District Pastor for Kumba II, Reverend Henry Mbu-Arrey at the Church auditorium.

Addressing the assembly, the member of the Upper House of Parliament said: “I am very grateful to be part of this conference, Greater Cameroon for Christ. Thank you very much for organising this conference to intercede for this nation. Let me tell the young men in this assembly… you are the future of Cameroon.

“I came from a very humble background and I never knew I would one day become a Senator.Let me tell you that leadership has a name which we must all accept and that is humility. The greater part in leadership is when power is entrusted in your hands and you can balance it with the fear of God.

I have one request from the Church and it is that you should pray for Cameroon and pray too for me to be better than what I am today,” Mbella appealed.

The Senator later joined the Church in praying for the nation and a college of Pastors surrounded and prayed for him.

Organiser Shares Vision

Earlier, the conference organiser, Reverend Henry Mbu- Arrey explained that the prayer conference was in its 12th year since God gave him the burden of praying for revival in all sectors of national life and for the sound teaching of the word of God.

Rev. Mbu-Arrey said the one week prayer conference with representatives from all over the nation was a sign of taking the burden of the nation at heart to seek God’s face.

The man of God recalled that at a time when the nation has been going through challenges from the Seleka rebels in the East, Boko Haram in the Far North and other internal problems such as those raised by SCNC and other Anglophone interest groups, it will be a sign of greed if the Church, which has the Good News, fails to pray for such event to end.

He averred that, with the current global drifts, especially on issues such as homosexuality, most Cameroonians are looking at it from a social stand point, whereas it is a spiritual conspiracy against the Church.
According to Mbu-Arrey, it is time for every Cameroonian from the Head of State to the local traditional rulers to accept Christ personally and the influence of God on the nation.

Asked what God’s reply was, throughout the prayers, he said the message from Heaven is: “Beloved Cameroonians, turn to your God.”He said every bad situation in the country can only be addressed through prayers.
A Jesus march round the City of Kumba with Christians carrying placards representing all the 10 Regions of Cameroon was part of the conference.

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